Advances in Renal Artery Stenting: Optimizing Outcomes through Novel Techniques and Patient Selection

Aniket Mishra

Renal artery stenting has emerged as a crucial intervention for the management of renal artery stenosis, a condition associated with hypertension and renal dysfunction. This article reviews recent advancements in renal artery stenting techniques aimed at enhancing patient outcomes. With a focus on optimizing procedural efficacy and minimizing potential complications, novel approaches such as drug-eluting stents, intravascular ultrasound-guided placement, and three-dimensional angiography-based navigation are discussed. Furthermore, the importance of patient selection criteria is underscored, considering anatomical variations, comorbidities, and potential benefits. By amalgamating these cutting-edge techniques with personalized patient stratification, interventional nephrologists can achieve improved renal function restoration and blood pressure control. This comprehensive overview illustrates the evolving landscape of interventional nephrology and underscores the significance of evidence-based innovations in renal artery stenting.