Application of Innovative Air Bed Sheet for Prevention of Bedsore among Bed Ridden Patient

Huda Mohammed Ali Al hammadi,

The elderly people are more prone to get illness due to conditions related to their health status, advancing age and lower susceptibility. They become bedridden due to various health problems like blood pressures, heart diseases, fractures, anemia etc. The most complications that the elderly bedridden people face in is pressure ulcers. the management of skin integrity and prevention of skin breakdown for bed ridden elderly is one of the cornerstones of professional nursing care and pose a constant challenge for health professionals.Purpose : The purpose of this innovation is to help the elderly bed ridden patient and care givers to change patient position without having back problem for the care givers and prevention of bed sore of elderly patient. How it work : Bed sheet that contains double layers there is air tube and pipe and there is machine that inflate air to the tube and While the patient is lying on the bed straight if you want to change patient position to the right side we will inflate the left side of the patient and after that if you want to change his position deflate and start to inflate the other side so patient will be changing his position with out any complication. Who can use it: Bed ridden elderly with out bed sore , the patient must use medical bed to provide safety. Advantages: The elderly bedridden can change position 2hrly and the care givers will have less complication related to back pain cheaper than air mattress