Phisycal chemical characterization of bitumens modified by waste food based additive: adhesion and high rheological performances

Caputo Paolino

This contribution a reviews the current understanding of bitumen structure and the consequences in terms of properties, with a strong emphasis on the rheological properties. The links between chemistry, structure and mechanical properties are highlighted in the framework of an updated colloidal picture of bitumen. In particular, it explores for the first time, the potentialities of additives from natural resources, i.e., non-toxic and eco-friendly biocompatible compounds, acting both as adhesion promoters and as rheological modifiers. We found, in fact, a class of lipophilic food grade compounds to be very efficient as Multi-Functional Additives (MFA) once they were dispersed in hot bitumen solutions in small quantities . Their effect on the high temperature mechanical performance of a tested bitumen has been investigated through time cure rheological measurements and the sol- transition temperature was determined in a wide range of temperatures. The determination of the contact angle between the aggregate surface and modified bitumens, blended with increasing amounts of additives, has been also carried out.