Study of dielectric behavior of high density polystyrene with agro waste composites

Vinod Kumar Kushwah, Suruchi, George Sand Franca

Polymer composites have been prepared with natural fibres obtained from the agro waste of pigeon pea stalk as reinforcing material using waste polystyrene as matrix by solvent casting method. The samples were tested for their dielectric properties (dielectric constant (ɛ ), Loss factor (ɛ ), conductivity (σ) and impedance (χ) of Polystyrene and cellulose fibers composites. Results prove that the addition of fibers of Pigeon pea stalk increases the dielectric constant, loss factor and impedance of the materials compared to the effect of low frequency. Composites with 5%, 10wt%, 15wt%, and 20wt%fiber contents showed the highest value at lower frequency level conductivity. All weight percent composites' volume resistivity was examined, and it was discovered that it decreased with frequency and fibre content. The reinforced polymer displayed a thermal behaviour that was halfway between fibres and polymers.